a) First you receive the complete bill from the school
b) The bill has to be payed the first day at school. Learn&travel weeks have to be payed before starting the trip
c) If you deposit the money, you have to do ist just one week before you arrive at the school and send by email a copy of the payment.

Payment forms:
- cash at the school in Quito
- bank transfer
- traveler cheques additional 2% commission
the bank system in Ecuador needs 28 days to proceed personal chques. That is the reason why Atahualpa Language school reserves the rights to not accept personal cheques as a payment form.

All refunds have to be made in the office at Atahualpa Language school in Quito.
For any questions and doubts please contact the school by email or directly at the school in Quito.

Cancellation Policy:

The Spanish program can be cancelled under the policies of the courses’ agents sellers as well as the own policies of Atahualpa Language school.
Through the participation in the programs, the student is committed to have an appropriate behavior in accordance with advice explained in the Basic Information Document, in which every student agrees and express his/her acceptance. Behavior outside the institutions norms or actions that threaten his/her or other students security, will be a reason for the total cancelation of the program without any refund possibility.

Lessons in Atahualpa Language School can be re-scheduled (only for students that are taking one to one instruction) so long as the instructor and Atahualpa Language School must be informed 48 hours in advance of the scheduled class-time, and an alternative date will be set. In the event that the student cancels with less time than 48 hours, the instructor is not obliged to re-schedule the class.

Disclaimer of Liability:
Atahualpa Language School is a educational institutions and is not liable for any risks you may encounter during travel to, from, and within the country in which your program is located, at the chosen school or your chosen accommodations, or at any other time or location during your trip. These risks may occur either at the school, during school excursions, or any other activity organized or recommended by teachers or staff employed by Atahualpa Language School and may include, but are not limited to: personal injury, property damage, sickness, accidents, terrorism, and war. By signing this contract (or by submitting a form online or over the telephone), you are assuming all risks and agreeing to indemnify and hold Atahualpa Language School or its staff, founders or owners devoid of any and all liability that may arise in any Atahualpa Language School programs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

No warranties, expressed or implied are included in the provision of these services.
With the following signature the undersigned agrees to the above statements and conditions expressed in this agreement.