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Salsa dancing

You want to learn Spanish but at the same time improve your Salsa and your dancing skills? We invite you to do exactly that!
In the mornings you will have four hours of Spanish lessons at our school and in the afternoon the fun will continue on the dance floor, where you will have two hours of dance classes at a fantastic school in the centre of Quito. You will discover the world of Salsa together with your teacher.
All levels welcome, join whether you are a world class dancer or want to try Salsa for the very first time.

Salsa Salsa Salsa

Discover the passion, elegance and Latin-American way of life that lies within the dance! And as a bonus you will be able to improve your Spanish at the same time.(prices)
10 Skype lessons for only $100!

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Salsa & Spanish
You would like to
learn spanish and also to make any progress in salsa dancing?

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