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About Ecuador

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Ecuador, situated on the South American pacific coast, offers all types of climate zones within its small territory (285'000 km2). From tropical rainforest in the Amazon area to the world's famous volcanoes in the Andes, its topography is unique and offers a wide range of flora and fauna. Ecuador is divided into three climate areas: The Costa on the pacific coast with its banana, cacao and coffee plants, the Sierra with its volcanoes Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, (6'310 m.a.s.l) and the Oriente, the Amazon in the East. Each of this areas can be reached within a short time from Quito by plane or by public bus. The landscape changes visibly within a short distance. This change can best be viewed during a railway trip from Riobamba in the Andes down to Bucay at the Costa. The people are as varied as the climate. The famous Galápagos islands 1'000 km away from the mainland host a unique world of animals and plants which has been developing there unspoiled by human hands.


Quito - ideal to learn Spanish

You will enjoy the dry climate in the capital Quito at the altitude of 2'850 m.a.s.l. situated 20 km south of the equator. Quito provides an ideal climate for working or learning. This wonderful place surrounded by mountains and white volcanoes has developed into a busy capital. In 1978 the city was declared a world heritage of culture by the UNESCO. Modern Quito represents an image of progress with its modern buildings and comparatively comfortable residential areas, its luxury hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and discos, whereas people living in the old part of the city have to get by with much less. Social differences are visible and cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, each one of these two different worlds offers something special to the visitor and that is why the stay in this capital, with the second highest altitude of all capitals in South America, is a very special one.

view over Quito Historic center Cathedral San Francisco

Flight to Quito

There are various flight possibilities to Quito: Direct flights are offered by Iberia, KLM, Air France, Lufthansa and Avianca. Stopover possibilities for flights from the USA are also available. Early booking is recommended, especially for flights from July to September.

Travelling - before, during or after the school

Before your departure, we can help you to plan your trip and, if necessary, arrange bookings in advance.

In addition, we can also hire a travel guide for your trip in Ecuador. This offer is especially for those who like to travel alone or just to increase safety, but it should be mentioned here that Ecuador is the safest country to travel within South America.

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